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The Arena

The Arena

Play with Foam Blasters against your friends, family or colleagues!!

Battle Arena Team Building

Encourage teamwork and cooperation within your organization. Play with your friends, family and/or colleagues!

Battle Arena Parties & Social Gatherings

Throw an unforgettable party at The Arena, LLC. We host birthday parties, social gatherings, company outings, and other events.


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Learn about The Arena, LLC

You'll have a blast with The Arena, LLC, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Kids and adults alike love playing with foam blasters no matter what age. We buy and mod our blasters to be better than the average blaster. We practice safety and teamwork everytime we play. Why play by yourself when you can play with others!

We've had a prototype up and running since 2013, and have tried out a wide variety of blasters and game modes. Now we are ready to introduce you to Honolulu's only foam blasters event! Book us now to reserve your time and place! Please use our calendar to check when we are free!

Contact us to battle your friends with foam blasters.

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