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Rules and Regulations on board. Revised to be generic towards any events planned for the future. Must be read and abide by in order to play. If you do not agree, do not play. This post is your agreement to the terms and conditions of Nerf Wars. Playing in Nerf Wars is your agreement to the terms and conditions. If you have a future event with use, please fill out the form below.

We are providing blasters, ammo and field items. You may bring your own Nerf blasters according to the rule #4. I, we and or us will not be responsible for your child's injuries.

Melee weapon rules: Melee weapons are secondary weapons but cannot be thrown except for the hatchet. Those that do throw the hatchet cannot throw it at the young players, nor can any hits to the face or head be a target. If you do, you will be out for the round or maybe the whole game if it was intentional.

Live Recording: We may have a video recorder/camera recording our plays for promotional and/or commercial use. Playing with us consents that you are letting us take photos and videos of said events and let us use it for promotional and/or commericial use. If you are a parent and want footage of said event, please email us at: info@arenallc.com to get a dropbox link to the event. Please include date and whose party it was for confirmation.

Here are the requirements for the kids to play:

1. Kids must wear t-shirt, any shorts/pants(preferably with pockets to hold ammo/clips) and shoes. Would be preferable to wear padded clothing to slide in. No slippers allowed. Shoes only.

2. Kids must wear eye protection while on the field. If they have eye glasses, it should be fine but please get them the sports strap to keep it on they're heads while running.

3. Please bring a drink and/or snacks.

4. Do not bring ammo, unless you are donating to the cause(Elite darts only). Please make sure to tell us what guns they are bringing so that we don't accidentally take their blasters.

5. If the kid(s) has allergies, please make sure he/she brings medicine in-case of emergencies.

6. Only Nerf blasters are acceptable in our events. You may not bring BoomCo, BuzzBee or any other brand name guns into our events. These guns are not compatible with the darts that we use. If you modify your gun, you must get it certified by the Referees. If you have a gun that is over 90fps, you may not use it in our events.*

7. No throwing, dropping equipment/darts and no hiding ammo crates. Put all equipment used back on staging area when you are done using it. Do not leave our equipment on the field.

8. No negative attitudes. Acting mad and crying will lead to a penalty and you will sit out till the next game.

9. Do not aim at anyone's face. Glasses must be worn upon entering the field. No Headhunting. Accidental shots to the head during play is okay as long if you apologize. Intentional shots will get you banned.

10. If you are hit, you must get off the field by walking to the sides or to the front/back of the field. If you do not follow this, you will be penalized and use a secondary blaster only for the next game. If we say you are out, you are out. Do not fight back with Referees, we are the final call.

11. Kids must be old enough to follow rules/regulations and must be able to prime the smallest blaster. Players must be at least 5 years old to play.

12. No swearing, racism, name calling, bullying or taunting of other players. Respect each other.

13. No physical contact with anyone. Foam Melee hits may not be targeted at the head. Pushing, Punching, Kicking, Grabbing, Pulling anyone is grounds for banishment. Do not hurt others, we are all here to have fun.

14. Do not hoard equipment on to the field. Hoarding is forbidden and can be dangerous. Put all equipment used back in staging area. We do not want others tripping or breaking our equipment that was left on the ground. Failure to do so will force the player to use a secondary blaster only for the next game.

Make sure your kids know these rules.

To all Older Players (Rules to kids apply to adults as well):

1. No swearing at anytime. If you swear you will apologize to everyone. 2ND offense and you will be banned. NO TOLERANCE!

2. No physical contact (except Foam melee) at anytime. Any physical contact will lead to banishment from the game. No grabbing, pushing, pulling, carrying anyone. Fighting is forbidden. NO TOLERANCE!

3. No cheating and no lying. We are here to let the kids have fun and enjoy the sport. If you got shot, raise your hand and walk off the field. If you shot someone, make sure they know they are out before you continue to play on. Call out the person's name then say OUT!

4. Wear comfortable clothes (with pockets to hold mags/ammo) but make sure you have shoes and eye protection. No tank tops or wife beaters. Look good for the camera!

5. No throwing equipment. You break it, you buy it.

6. If you are bringing your own blaster, please let a Referee know so we can check the fps. Anything over 90fps will not be allowed into our events.

7. Referees are the final call on hits. If a Referee tells you that you are out, you must comply. Do not argue with the Referee or you will be banned.

8. Only Nerf blasters (that shoots 7.2cm darts, no Mega or Vortex guns) are acceptable in our events. You may not bring BoomCo, BuzzBee or any other brand name guns into our events. These blasters are not compatible with the darts that we use. If you modify your gun, you must get it certified by the Referees. We have a wide age range so keeping the fps low will make sure that no kid gets hurt from the darts.*

*Rivals are only allowed when playing with players ages 10+. Rivals will not be allowed if there are younger players due to pain tolerance.

ZERO TOLERANCE for anyone who does not abide by the rules.
Banishment = don't ask to come again.

Filling out the form below acknowledges that you understand the Terms and Conditions from The Arena LLC.