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Unforgettable Birthday Parties & Corporate Events

Find the perfect venue for birthday parties or corporate events. The Arena, LLC, in Honolulu, Hawaii, is a great activity for groups of all sizes.


Get together with your friends and loved ones and duke it out with us. We can help you get your party started and make sure everyone is equipped and ready to go.

Social Gatherings
Foam blaster battles are ideal social events for clubs or groups of friends. You may choose to either battle against your friends or work with them against another group.

Safe & Fully Equipped
The Arena LLC is safe and modern. We provide you the blasters, ammo, field equipment and several masks/glasses to protect yourself. You may bring your own if you want. All of our field equipment are air filled bunkers with water underneath to support it from flying away.

Birthday Parties

Contact us at least three weeks in advance for an estimate and scheduling information. Pricing depends on the number of people and the length of your event. Normal 10a-3p day is $300. If you have a place in mind to book your party, please be mindful that it must be: grass or astroturf, a water spigot/spout and an electrical outlet to setup the field. We recommend a 30x90sq ft sized space to fit at least 20 players per side.

Contact us to book The Arena, LLC, for your next party.

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